AAP KE SAWAL - Anil Kumar Agarwal Exclusive Interview With

Dr. O.P Kapoor (Famous Celebrity Doctor)

Dr. O.P Kapoor 

M.D.(BOM), F.R.C.P.(ED), M.R.C.P.(GLG), D.C.H.(BOM), F.I.C.A.(U.S.A.), A.F.A.C.C.(U.S.A.), F.C.C.P.(U.S.A.). 

( He is an eminent physician, a gifted teacher, a dedicated academician, a prolific author and a trail-blazing editor )

This Interview is about Dr. O.P Kapoor and some secret for a good lifestyle. This Interview is not scripted.

About Dr. O.P Kapoor :-

Dr. O.P. Kapoor is an eminent physician, a gifted teacher, a dedicated academician, a prolific author and a trail blazing editor.

Dr. O. P. Kapoor was Prof. of Medicine and Hon. Physician at the Grant Medical College and J.J. Hospital. He was a visiting Hon. Physician at the Jaslok Hospital and the Bombay Hospital. Fellowship of Royal College of Edidgburgh was conferred on him in 1974 and then followed Fellowships of a number of other American Colleges.

He was awarded Dr. B.C. Roy National Award for Eminent Medical Teacher in the year in 1982. he delivered Netaji Oration for 1981 - the most prestigious oration of the Association of Gastroenterology and the Warner Gasteroenterology oration in 1982.

Dr. O.P. Kapoor has lectured extensively in over 100 towns and cities in India and has addressed learned medical audiences in the U.K. and U.S.A.

Throughout life, he has done "honorary" teaching. His marathon teaching sessions are legendary and several generations of undergraduate and postgraduate students gratefully recall the way he made complex subjects appear simple. His love for teaching seems to be self renewing and even to this day he conducts lectures for 1200 final year MBBS students from all the medical colleges of Bombay at the Birla Matushri Sabhagar for total of 72 hours - 6 hours at stretch. He retired from Grant Medical College and J.J. Hospital in 1986, where over 33 years, he coached another 11,000 medical students and practitioners while he holds lecture courses for 3 months every year at a public auditorium - Birla Matushri Sabhagar. He has held innumerable week-end refresher courses for General Practitioners all over India where he has travelled at his own expense. Thus he has covered every city of India from Kashmir to Kerala and Kutch to Orissa and coached over 20,000 medical practitioners. The British Medical Journal thought it fit to suggest that his name should appear in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Dr. O.P.Kapoor has to his credit more than six hundred publications in various medical journals. He is the author of twelve books including the Guide for General Practitioners (7 parts) and a Monograph on Amoebic Liver Abscess. This book has in fact been quoted for reference in the Oxford text book of medicine for post-graduates. His book on " Common Chronic Disease patterns in Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Yemen" was reviewed in Saudi Arabia medical journal and was not only recommended to all expatriate doctors working in those countries, but also to local Arab doctors who would grasp day to day problems of their Arab patients after reading this book. His book on Vegetarian Diet was the first book published in India on this subject. He has had published a Family Medical Guide in English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Sindhi and German Languages. Presently, He is the dynamic Editor of the widely read Bombay Hospital Journal.


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