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The Star Cast Of 'O' Pushpa I Hate Tears

The Star Cast Of 'O' Pushpa I Hate Tears and trailer of the movie on special screening request

This Interview is about the movie 'O' Pushpa I Hate Tears, about star cast of the movie and you will also get to see the trailer of this movies releasing on 28th February 2020 . This Interview is not scripted.

About 'O' Pushpa I Hate Tears :-


Aditya falls for Pushpa but she soon finds out that he only wants her money. Aditya then seeks the help of Shyam, but Shyam turns the tables and persuades Pushpa to fall in love with him instead. Now Aditya, having lost both Pushpa and her money, feels helpless. Will he find a way out of this mess?

Primary Details -

Banner -


Wavelength Studios

Release Date -

28 February, 2020

Genre -



Producer -

Amulya Das

Star Cast -

Krushna Abhishek - Shyam

Karthik Jayaram - Aditya

Arjumman Mughal - Pushpa

Anusmriti Sarkar - Teena

Anang Desai - Pushpa’s father

Pradeep Kabra - Kalu

Jimmy Moses - Lalu

Akhilendra Mishra - Inspector Chaubey

Writer -

Dinkar Kapoor

Choreographers -


Costume Designer -

Reena Verma

Publicity PRO -

Ashwani Shukla

Altair Media

Music Director -

Ramji Gulati

Language -


Director -

Dinkar Kapoor

Lyricist -

Kanwar Juneja


Cinematographer -

Arvind Sinh Puvar

Nilabh Kaul

Screenplay -

Adesh K Arjun

Dialogue -

Adesh K Arjun

Action Director -

Kaushal Moses

Art Director -

Pradeep Singh

Co-Producer -

Ratan Mani


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