AAP KE SAWAL - Anil Kumar Agarwal Exclusive Interview With

Dr. Pooja Sharma ( Dashmahavidya Sadhak )

Dr. Pooja Sharma

( Astrologer, Dashmahavidya Sadhak, Philosopher, Spiritual Guru & Energy Distance  Healer, Astro, Vastu & Life Style Adviser )

This Interview is about Dr. Pooja Sharma, Astrology & Its Effects On Life, Vastu, Various Misconception about Astrology and many more. This Interview is not scripted.

About Dr. Pooja Sharma :-

By birth she found herself in the environment of spiritual family she always found herself surrounded by the people who were very active in spiritual and religious activities. Dr. Pooja is very intelligent and intellect in getting knowledge about the soul, god, and eternal life. All these knowledge and skills was not enough for her so she continuously thrives to find out real cause or factual knowledge like why, When and how about the things. During her journey to excel in multi-phase areas she met so many real saints and mentors and by their help she got her answers to lots of hidden Knowledge. Dr. Pooja biggest achievement during her journey is that she received the the Deekshaâ of Shri Vidhyaâ (Bhrma Vidhya) from here. She started research in Shri Vidhya with proper Knowledge of Mantra, Tantra and Yantraâ . And on other hand she also got her Academic Knowledge and at time of graduation her parents wanted that she became a medical student but her question to life convinced that she should follow the same path of seeking more about Darshan Sastraâ and she also completed her Graduation in philosophy, then M.phil and Ph.D from Rajasthan University under Prof. Kusum Jain. During her Ph.D from the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi she got selected as a fellow. As a student many of her valuable Articles of philosophy are being published by ICPR and SAP university of Rajasthan. She is very lucky to get married with person who is engineer by profession but also highly spiritual personality, he encouraged to use her knowledge, Skills, Expertise in favor of humanity by helping those who need it and since 2005 she started working as an Astrologer and as time went by she honed her skills in so many ways like counseling, healing, tarot card reader, yoga therapy many other things. By the help of Yogâ and Sadhanaâ she also cures peoples Mental and physical health. By the help of media she always tries to make people believe in humanity and creates the value of Sanatan Dharmaâ by counseling and telling different stories with the help of Sastraâ . In field of Astrology she achieved so many awards like jyothish smmart, Jyothish Martand award, maharishi parashar and also got so many Certificates in Arhatic yoga, Pranic healing and Feng shui etc. And she was also hosted on the FM Radio, Vivadh Bhartiya and TV programs. Dr. Pooja is an international renowned astrologer and healer with special spiritual touch. Due to her knowledge and helping nature her students and many clients always greet her by the name of Maa, and Didi. She is also a good motivational speaker and her clear heart that treats all with love has her loved and respected by one and all who know her. She achieved success and title very early in life, all due to purity in heart and profession. Her team consists of 100 Brahmins who are always doing the Path Pooja (Karma kand) and Anushthan of Shri Vidhya In guidance of her to remedy part of Astrology for their clients.


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