AAP KE SAWAL - Anil Kumar Agarwal Exclusive Interview With

Lakshay Jangid ( World Champion )

Lakshay Jangid

 Professional MTB stunt rider from last 7 years. 4 times world champion , also world record holder for "longest headstand on cycle" Approved by" India book of record", "Limca book of records", "world record setters". Lakshay Jangid also performed stunt with Actress Sunny Leone .

This Interview is about cycle stunts , preparation & training for world championship and safety. This Interview is not scripted.

About Lakshay Jangid :-

Given that stunt biking is usually associated with danger, for 23-year-old Jaipur boy Lakshya Jangid, choosing this as a career option wasn't an easy task. Lakshya got introduced to

bicycle stunt riding when he was appearing for class VIII exams around seven years ago where he saw a guy of his age doing stunts on a bicycle outside the examination hall. Fascinated by him, Lakshya too decided to try stunts on his bicycle. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion and since then there

has been no looking back for Lakshya. The young lad from Jaipur has recently brought laurels to the city by winning the MTB Stunt Grand Prix 2017 held in Poland where he competed with riders from across the world.

Lakshay - 


“I have always been an adventurous kid. This is the reason why stunt riding attracted me a lot. Earlier, I would only attempt easy stunts which I would learn by watching videos on the internet but soon I started performing more difficult stunts and it became my passion. Every day, I used to try new tricks and techniques. I have had bad falls but it didn't deter my spirit. In fact, the accidents only increased my determination to perform stunts at any cost.“ 

Lakshya added, “Initially , I would perform stunts wearing only

a helmet, but now there is protective gear for my entire body .“


One of the major difficulties that he faced, in the beginning, was to convince his parents that he wants to take this up as a career and not merely as a hobby . “Stunt riding has constantly been associated with risk; in India, it is still not considered to be a sport.Thus, it was difficult to convince my parents, particularly my

father, about this. He used to say , `Kahaan pe likha hai ki yeh ek sport hai? Yeh sab karne se humara naam kharab hoga'. But I was confident about myself. When I didn't listen to him, unhone mujhe kuch kehna hi chhod diya. Things changed when I attempted for the Limca Book of Records. I attempted for the longest headstand from Jaigarh Fort to Amber Fort and succeeded. My father then started taking my passion seriously . Even my neighbours and many of my father's friends start ed appreciating me. I went on to win a few more championships. Since I had proved myself, my father supported me for my Poland trip,“ shared



However, Lakshya didn't let his studies take a backseat. “ A few years ago, I wanted a new bicycle for my stunts and I didn't have enough money to buy it. So, I requested my father. He agreed but on a condition that I will have to score good marks in Class XII if I need a new bicycle. So, I took my studies seriously .I had to as I was left with no choice,“ he laughingly said.

The young boy also highlighted the fact that in India, one doesn't find a proper spot to ride or practice stunts. “Unlike other countries, in India, you don't find a proper spot to perform stunts. You often run into trouble with the cops. Maybe it is because this sport is still awaiting its due recognition,“ he said.


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